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Boobies Found

Hello Boobie Fools! Are we ready for some much needed fun? How about ACTING as if life was fun. This planet seems so harsh, yes? Not enough fools are walking on water..yet! Me? Well, Risky Boob hasn’t levitated to the bathroom…yet! But I sure have floated on a salty sea of Sea Men.

GRIN. Get it? Semen? Sea Men. SEE MEN???

Life is so much better now that I’ve found my boobie risks as humorous. It’s a miracle I found them at all!!! Yeah, yeah, yeah, I can hear your thoughts. Your boobs are attached to your body, Miss Risky Boo-bey. Obvious.

Well..what if I’m no longer listening to said thoughts? What if I’m ready to be UN-attached to said body? Said body was VERY nervous and anxious regarding being seen (or being touched) by any said men. To cope, I became a local queen of TOUCH. Kinda like that Joan Jett song about mutuality…

Do you wanna touch? YEAH. Do you wanna touch? YEAH. Do you wanna touch me there. Where? THERE! Yeah!!!

Except Risky Boob only accepted touch ONE WAY. That’d be my soft angel hands onto your excited, erect penis. One way. Or at least that was my daily intention…Ha Ha Ha huffs the lower mind. IT knows darn well how it fools you to hear only THE BODY as it hides, hides hides its thinking, sinking misery mind. Who, me? Anxious? Nah, it’s that guilty body! 

I’ve been a fool for misery. Now I’m ready to listen…TO LOVE.